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DISAMATIC C3-150 Moulding techniques - DISA Group

The DISAMATIC C3-150 is great for foundries who want to convert to vertical moulding - it's perfect for flexible and jobbing foundries. C3 - 150 can produce: up to 150 moulds per hour (uncored) manual core setting: 120 moulds per hour (includes 15 secs. core setting time) Always with a high accuracy rate (0.25 mm mismatch).

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DISA MATCH combines the well-known principle of vertical molding technology flaskless DISAMATIC with horizontal molding to ensure: minimum cost of machining mismatch less than 0.25 mm. unmatched spinning speed. optimal output of precision castings. mechanisms for automatic installation rods and quick replacement of the bilateral panels.

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Disamatic. We are suppliers and managers in the manufacture of Disamatic technology. This technology brings new ways of boosting efficiency increasing productivity improving the quality of castings and increasing savings while striving to improve the general conditions of work and ensure the employment of sufficient workers and resources.

DISAMATIC® Molding Explained - Metal Technologies

Currently all Metal Technologies foundries utilize DISAMATIC® molding machines to produce molds for our castings. Disamatics offer a highly efficient means of rapidly and automatically creating a string of flaskless molds. These molds are built for vertical casting and are created in a vertical molding environment. The basic setup is shown below.

Disamatic moulding line 2013 Mk 5-B

Foundry equipment - Sand molding Wednesday 02 April 2014 19:05 Disamatic moulding line 2013 Mk 5-B. Year 1997. Mould size : 650 x 535 mm. Mould thickness : 120 – 360 mm. Capacity : Depending on mould thickness and core setting. 330 moulds/h at mould thickness 200 mm. Sand requirem. : 60 - 80 t/h

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DISAMATIC consists of a molding machine and mold transporting conveyor. A molding sand mixture usually green sand or bentonite is blown into a rectangular steel chamber using compressed air. The molding sand is then squeezed between two patterns which are on the two ends of the chamber. After squeezing one of the chamber plates swings open and the opposite plate pushes the finished mold onto a conveyor.

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DtSA A Norican Technology Features and options DISAMATIC C3-150 The DISAMATIC C3-150 offers the following main features: • up to 150 moulds per hour (uncored) • manual core setting: 120 moulds per hour (includes 15 secs. core setting time) • high accuracy (0.25 mm mismatch) • suitable for flexible & jobbing foundries The machine uses approximately 20-23 t/hour sand depending on the speed as well as the castings produced.

DISA MATCH - DISA - PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation ...

Advantages Optimum efficiency • Proven production capability of up to 100 uncored moulds an hour • Automatic core setter enables production of up to 80 cored moulds an hour • High-density moulds with less than 0.25 mm machine-related mismatch • Unbeatable uptime and reliability due to rigid design • Maximum yield level with optimum utilization of mould and alloy • Low scrap rate ...

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Process characteristics of a DISAmatic machine type 2120 (as of 2002 other types are available): Plate size: 850 mm x 650 mm usable area: 700 mm x 550 mm. The maximum form height is 378 mm. The maximum part weight is 30 kg. The minimum wall thickness is 3 mm. Overview of the AGSC Process: Complete Control of Mold Filling Combined With High

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5 Disamatic-molding lines Hand molding division: 0.5 – 5 tons per part Up to a maximum of 28000 tons p.a. Machine molding division: 0.5 – 20 kg per part Up to a maximum of 78000 tons p.a. Eisenberg Fronberg Hand molding division Melting shop with induction furnaces Core shooting machines & Manual core shop 0.5 – 12 tons per part

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The DISAMATIC D1 is a compact vertical moulding machine with the power and precision to increase competitive edge both for smaller foundries and foundries producing smaller mass-produced castings through higher output and quality. the moulding machine. The basic PLC-configuration includes: • Interface to all moulding line units

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Open the catalog to page 1. Machine evolution sets new standards The new DISA 231 builds on the well established DISA 230 to take precision flexibility and reliability to a new level. Founded on the experience of more than 120 installed DISA New Generation moulding machines the DISA 231 delivers high capacity superior quality and rock-steady performance. 2 Even more reliable The hydraulic system has been simplified and enhanced to provide higher reliability and uptime The control system ...

DISAMATIC D3 Vertical Moulding Line & Machine - DISA Group

DISAMATIC D3 Vertical Moulding Machine The DISAMATIC D3 is a green sand vertical moulding solution designed for high speeds high yields and maximum uptime and performance. It combines unmatched quality with high throughputs of up to 555 uncored or 485 cored moulds per hour. DISAMATIC D3 Green Sand Vertical Moulding Machine

DISAMATIC – Green sand Casting

Features. An advanced DISAMATIC 231 typeX molding machine is used in the green sand manufacturing process. In the green sand process stabilization of the mulled sand is achieved by sprinkling the return sand from the casting process with water for a time in a drum cooler adjusting the moisture content to approximately 2.0% in a mixer with water addition and compacting the return sand for ...

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Molding line: This line consists of molding machines and Disamatic and sand preparation line also manual molding for large castings. Foundry Department: This department is equiped with six induction melting furnaces have capacity form ( 1/2 ton up to 2 tons ). Heat treatment Department: This department is equipped for annealing normalizing


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DISA FLEX 70 HS. The DISA FLEX is a horizontal flask turnstile moulding machine designed for foundries wanting a flexible solution for production of high quality medium and heavy near net shape castings.

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disamatic molding machine manual