what do impeller numbers mean


Impeller numbers, what do they mean? - PWCToday

8 Nov 2007 ... OK so I am lost on what the different impeller numbers mean. 'Nube mentioned lately to use a 9-16 or 10-18 on whatever ski he was refering to.

How to read impeller numbers: ie: 13-19 vs 14-18 Sea-Doo ...

Can someone please point me to info or help me understand what the numbers 14/21 vs 13-19 vs 14-18 mean, so I can sort out whether to:

What do these pitch numbers really mean? - Greenhulk forums

Could this have something to do with the ability of the prop to. ... Their impeller pitch numbers will also differ compared to a top end PWC.

How Impellers work and choosing the correct one - Impellers

‚ÄčTo some, choosing the right impeller can seem like a job for a Jet Ski shop. ... to understand is that less pitch means more rpm's, more pitch means less rpms.

Jet Ski Impeller 101 - What is an Impeller on a Jet Ski? - JetDrift

More precisely, the numbers describe the degree of the blades, or in other words, they simply mean the amount of the pitch.The lower pitch numbers mean lower ...

Impeller Tech - Parker Yamaha

Q. Does the number that my impeller is labeled mean that is literally the pitch of my impeller? A. Not exactly. The numbers refer to the outer blade angle of each ...

About Impellers - Tech Info - Impros

So be careful when looking at the numbers used for pitch, they can be deceiving. ... They do not represent your craft's potential performance at acceleration and ...

Tech Q and A - Tech Info - Impros

Does the number that my impeller is labeled mean that is literally the pitch of my impeller? Does Impros use correct pitching techniques specific to each brand of ...

Solas Pump Impeller Performance Information - YouTube

18 Jan 2019 ... Increase the low-end thrust and top end speed of your personal watercraft with more power entering your jet pump.We take you through the key ...

Freestyle - Impeller pitch guide X-H2o

24 Apr 2012 ... The number represents how far the prop would travel in one rotation, in inches, with zero slip.

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what do impeller numbers mean